"I'm a daydreamer and with my photos I can lead you in a world of my own".

Maria Giulia Costanzo, born 1995, is a cinematic portrait photographer.

She discovers photography at age 15, using this powerful vehicle to release and express her teenage feelings, but it is only after her maturity that the awareness of its innate potential becomes concrete.

After obtaining her high school degree, at the mercy of an impulse dictated by the heart, she chooses to study for a degree in Photography at Accademia Italiana, in Florence.

Successively as she wants to add a cinematographic appeal to her photographic language, she decides to delve into her studies and she moves to Milan to study Cinematography.

She is director of photography (puoi usare anche cinematographer, as u wish my dear) for an interview with director Jacopo Rondinelli and for the short film “La Stanza”, directed by Camilla Pez.

Between winter and spring 2019, Maria Giulia is selected among lots of talented candidates to take part with 7 other European photographers to compete for the “SKY ARTS MASTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2019” title, a Talent Show about photography presented by Oliviero Toscani, Mark Sealy, Elizabeth Biondi.

Meeting and discussing with masters of photography such as Toscani himself, Paolo Pellegrin and Martin Schoeller, Maria Giulia dives completely in an exclusive journey on photography (non sono molto convinta XD), focusing on what she really loves to do: photographing human face, curling it up into an dreamlike and cinematographic atmosphere and offering the chance to show the other contestants what the world is like as seen from her eyes.

Through 2019 and 2020 she works as photographer and videomaker in Weatherford, Texas, for an Italian restaurant chain “Mamma Monica” and “Zeno’s on the Square”.

She cooperates with IVY OXFORD, official sponsor of Alfa Romero Racing, realising a trailer with ex pilot Matteo Bobbi. Later she works for “Lari Hairdresser” and “Oliver’s Flat”.

She spends 2020 promoting her photography, portraying important on note faces from Italian show business and entertaining.

2020 is the year in which Maria Giulia starts to divulge her workshop “Enthusiasm” at schools and in private photography courses with the main purpose of pushing young photographers’ creativity while they have not deeply known the significant skills of the photographic medium, yet.

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