Hello, guest! 😊
I can finally say: WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE!

I have waited for a long time before realising my personal space on the net because I was simply waiting for the right moment which did not depend on the amount of shots needed to write contents, nor on my experiences, because otherwise I would have already created it in the past, maybe after getting a photography degree in 2017, or better yet after experiencing MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY on Sky ARTE in 2019! No, I did not want to adopt any strategy in my favour and it is exactly in this very unique period we are going through that I felt ready to show myself. I had some time to free my mind, therefore the appointments, the problems originated by my everyday-routine were replaced by something new, something different. Just to tell you a couple of examples, I rediscovered the pleasure of reading and read approximately 40 books in 14 months, covering different literary genres and I put my green thumb to the test and filled up my house with at least 35 different plants, each one more characteristic than the other. Some things happened, some wonderful ones and some others unluckily stopped my natural enthusiasm towards life. It was an out-and-out break from the world. After a sad state of being, I chose to react and to invest my time in actualising all the abstract ideas that fluctuated in my mind. I started over, asking myself some easy, yet insidious questions.

I hope that this process of mine might be an inspiration for you, too.

Who am I?

I am Maria Giulia Costanzo, I’m a 25 only child and I live in the green, in the countryside of Pisa, but above all I’m a photographer, because I love talking about “me, myself and I” (come dice Rita Skeeter) through my pictures. I’m a portrait photographer because I can really understand people as best as I can through my lens or even better I can help the people I portray to love themselves more, because I think I can truly find beauty in each person and transform it into photographs. I’m a cinematic portrait photographer because I am a daydreamer and I have an unbelievable desire to show people how the world, from my point of view, looks like.

Which are the qualities that distinguish myself?

I surely am a positive person and I can’t help being attracted to pragmatic and curious people. I try to keep the people I love’s spirits up, I like the idea of inspiring and taking inspiration from people around me at the same time. In general, I believe in every single person’s beauty and the photographic medium is together my companion and loyal assistant in this belief.

What can I do to make sure my existence is useful to other people?

I can keep shooting for myself, first of all, but better still if for others, because there must always be the will to dream and sometimes people need to feel light-hearted during the day. With my pictures I can fix some beautiful moments turning them into wonderful memories, I can make somebody’s picture more professional, realise portfolios for aspiring models or actors etc. I can sell the pictures that represent me and my personality the most, to bring a little bit of (io metterei magic perché sogno è un po’ ripetuto, lately, ma ci possiamo mettere anche…) reverie (che significa fantasticheria) o semplicemente DREAM into people’s houses. Writing some guides, I can also inspire aspiring photographers or creatively blocked ones to help them, to support them through the process that will lead them to a full awareness of the photographic medium.

After answering these 3 insidious questions, I felt ready to create this website and after 3 months of planning, here we are! I would like to thank the team who is helping me making my project come true: Daniele Grassino, a friend and, unluckily, a Juventus supporter, but most of all a super patience and professional Web Designer; Francesca Matteucci who translated my website in English, her natural and admirable knowledge of the English language makes me feel so jealous! More than anything, thank you, reader, because if you are here, it means that something about me struck a chord, so thank you for your sensitivity!

I hope that the first article of my blog drove you to a sort of an auto-analysis somehow. Personally, I think it could be a very interesting starting point to generate EMOTIONS and ACTIONS! It would be nice to know what you think about it, how this long-term break from the World went.

See you next time, I can’t wait to give you some advice regarding photography!

Maria Giulia Costanzo
Cinematic&Portrait Photographer

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